Sunday, 6 March 2011

Alberts Bones

Need to do some work to id this one. The wreck has all but disappeared in the sand.Video starts on the port side next to the engine.
Bow section has just about gone under the sand but you can still see the outline.
Need more clues to identify this one.A bell was recovered a long time ago but that had no name on it ,just to make it that little bit harder!
The boiler is the highest point and the rods have fallen out and lay in front making it a home to a lot of lobsters and fish.
The engine lays to one side and a spare prop is not far behind. A lead toilet was recovered.
The stern rises up,prop still attached but partially buried .the rudder post is still attached.

As of last year (2012) we think we have a name for this one although its not confirmed so maybe this season we can finally put it to bed.

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