Sunday, 1 May 2011


Dive Sussex 219.

This is a small wreck probably that of Alfred. A Schooner (wooden sailing vessel), Owned by Mr H Davies of Morfa, Nevin.
She was on voyage from Carnarvon to London with a cargo of cut roofing slates when she foundered in winds NNE force 4.

The given position of loss is quite close to that of the wreck we have dived and believe to be Alfred.
The cargo also matches up as being Welsh slates.

The wreck lies in 24 meters of water, just 4 miles due South of Newhaven.
The wreck lays North / South as though she was making way for Newhaven in a last ditch to make land before she foundered.

The wreck is very small, approx 10mt long, 4mt wide and 1 mt high, all that is visible is a pile of slate with a few wooden ribs of what was the Schooner sticking out of the sand around the slates.
There are no hook up points and is often trawled over.


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