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The Mid Surrey was built in 1870 by Palmers Ship Building & Iron Co. Ltd. of Newcastle upon Tyne (Yard No. 257).  She was 903 gross tons and was 222 feet in length, with a beam of 29 feet.  She was a general cargo ship, owned by Dixon & Harris.
She collided with the Wada Maru on 18 July 1919, off the Royal Sovereign Light Vessel.  She was on passage from Barry to London with a cargo of coal.
The Hydrographic Office records gave this wreck as possibly the Borneo.  However, TWSAC disproved this.  The ship maker’s plate was found (and discarded!) by Roger Theobald while diving on the wreck.  It was found again by another TWSAC diver, Alistair Stephen, who brought it up. 
We researched the maker’s plate.  It could have originated from one of two ships, the Mid Surrey and the Quail.  Both these ships were built in 1870 by Palmers Ship Building and Iron Co. Ltd.  However, the wreck of the Quail had already been located elsewhere, so the wreck we had been diving could only be that of the Mid Surrey.
The wreck is in two parts and quite broken.  The site also includes an aeroplane engine with prop, just 4 meters off the starboard side of the bows.

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